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On This Day! Buzz Aldrin was born. Here are 12 Interesting Facts about him.

Buzz Aldrin, the former NASA Astronaut, was born on 20th january 1930. He is famous as the second person to step on the moon. He accompanied Neil Armstrong for the moonwalk in 1969 during the historic Apollo 11 mission. Both Neil and Buzz spent over 21 hours on the surface of the moon. Before becoming an astronaut, Aldrin was a fighter pilot. Here are 12 interesting facts about the renowned Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin.

Happy 91st Birthday Buzz Aldrin
Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin

1. Currently, there are only four people alive who have walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is one of them.

2. Aldrin was a jet fighter pilot during the Korean war where he shot down two aircraft.

3. Marion Moon was the maiden name of Aldrin's mother.

4. Buzz Aldrin is one of the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1969), United States' highest civilian honour.

5. Buzz Aldrin is the first astronaut with a Doctoral Degree.

6. Aldrin once punched a man on the face, who misbehaved with him and called the moon landing fake.

7. He has two autobiographies; Return to Earth (1973) and Magnificent Desolation (2009).

8. Aldrin Cycler, developed by Buzz Aldrin, is a special spacecraft path that helps spacecraft to travel to Mars more efficiently both in time and fuel.

9. In 1962, Aldrin's first application to join as NASA Astronaut was rejected as he did not meet the complete requirements set by NASA.

10. Aldrin's first space mission was Gemini 12 where he made three spacewalks for over five hours in total.

11. This is a little bit creepy, but it's a fact. Buzz Aldrin is the first person to pee on the moon.

12. Aldrin has appeared in many movies, TV shows, and documentaries like "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", "The Big Bang Theory", "In the Shadow of the Moon", etc.


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