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10 Interesting Facts and Information about the Amazon Rainforest - The Science Fact

Amazon is well known for its bio-diversity, colossal size, and its contribution in keeping the climate healthy for all the life on the planet. Below are some interesting facts and information about the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon river in the Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest Image Credit- tourHq

1. The Amazon rainforest is so enormous that it has spread across nine nations.

2. Brazil contains the maximum area (60 percent) of the Amazon rainforest followed by Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, French, Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela.

3. There are approximately 400 billion trees in the Amazon, belonging to 1600 different species.

4. Over 30 million people – part of 350 different indigenous groups, speaking over 300 different languages – lives in the Amazon rainforest.

5. The bio-diversity in the Amazon is enthralling. Over 2.5 million insect species, 80,000 plant species, and 2000 birds and mammals inhabit this rainforest.

6. A new animal or plant species is discovered by biologists every 3 or 4 days in the Amazon.

7. Poison Dart Frogs, Green Anacondas, Wandering Spiders, Bullet Ants, and Boa Constrictor are among many terrifying animals that roam in the Amazon.

8. Trees in the Amazon rainforest contribute immensely to the rainfall across South America by releasing billions of tonnes of water every day into the atmosphere.

9. Amazon rainforest is extremely crucial for the survival of all the life on Earth as it produces 20 percent of all the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen and stores billions of tonnes of Carbon.

10. Some unique plant species in the Amazon rainforest are the source of many life-saving medicines.


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