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10 Interesting and Inspiring Facts about Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who served 166 days working and living in space. He became famous among space enthusiasts when he uploaded his space videos on social media, showcasing the daily aspects of life on board the International Space Station. Due to the widespread recognition Chris Hadfield gained from his space videos, he was invited to appear on various TV shows, including Conan, Wired, etc., and in a number of magazines and newspapers. His space videos still get million of views on Youtube. Here are ten amazing and sensational facts about Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield in space
Chris Hadfield playing with water on the International Space Station (ISS) Image Credit - NASA

1. Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian Astronaut to command the International Space Station and also the first Canadian to perform a spacewalk.

2. Chris Hadfield has piloted almost 70 different aircraft.

3. Chris Hadfield was motivated to become an astronaut after the Apollo 11 moon landing. Chris Hadfield, at nine years old, found the moon landing to be fascinating and a worthwhile endeavor.

4. Chris Hadfield has spent a continuous 13-days underwater as a commander of NEEMO-14. Know NEEMO

5. At the age of 15, Chris Hadfield received his first pilot scholarship.

6. Chris Hadfield married his high school girlfriend Helene and had three children with her.

7. Chris Hadfield worked as a ski instructor before flying aircraft.

8. Out of 5,300 applications, the Canadian Space Agency selected Chris Hadfield and three others to become astronauts in 1992.

9. During his final days on the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield shot a music video "Space Oddity" which has now over 51 million views on Youtube.

10. Chris Hadfield's autobiography "An Astronaut's guide to life on Earth" was the best-selling book in Canada and was also the New York Best-seller. His other book "The Apollo Murders" was a science best-seller as well.


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