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10 Interesting and Informative Facts about Polar Bears.

Polar Bears are the largest surviving bear species. They are beautiful creatures with phenomenal physiques and strength. They are found in the Arctic region and nearby land masses. Here are 10 interesting facts and information about Polar bears.

1. Polar Bears spend the majority of their time on sea ice rather than on land. So, They are categorized as marine mammals.

2. Polar Bears actually have black skin beneath their transparent fur. The fur appears white because of the reflections of the sunlight.

3. Polar Bears are known for their marvelous swimming ability. They can swim at 6 miles/h (or 10 km/h) for over 100 km (60 miles) continuously.

4. About 4-inch thick fat layers, termed blubber, help Polar Bears to maintain their body temperature while swimming in the cold waters of the Arctic.

5. Polar Bears are not very expert predators as they gain success in only about 2 percent of their total hunt. Ringed Seals and Bearded Seals are Polar Bears’ main prey.

6. The hybrids of Grizzly-Polar Bears do exist. The offspring of a male polar bear and a female grizzly is known as a ‘Pizzly Bear’, while the offspring of a male grizzly and a female polar bear is known as a ‘Grolar Bear.

7. Male Polar Bears are usually two times the size of female Polar Bears.

8. A male Polar Bear can weigh up to 900 kilograms (or 2000 pounds), roughly equivalent to the weight of 10 men.

9. The largest recorded male Polar Bear was 12 feet tall and weighed almost 1000 kilograms.

10. Polar Bears have astounding sense of smell. They can pick up scents of their prey from several kilometers away. They even use their keen sense of smell to track seals underneath the thick sheets of ice.


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