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Heart Facts

Every day our heart beats over 100,000 times.

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Heart surgery performed on the youngest patient was mere a minute old.

Because heart cells stop dividing, heart cancer is extremely rare.

The heart continuously beats even when it is removed from the body.

Laughing is highly recommended to keep your heart in a healthy condition.

The heart of a woman beats at a little faster rate than that of a man. A man's heartbeat averages 70-72 beats per minute, while a woman's heartbeat averages 78-80 beats per minute.

The heart of an adult human weighs less than a pound, on average.

Blood is transported from the heart to the rest of the body through the blood vessel system. If all the vessels in the body are stretched out in a line, it would measure more than 60,000 miles in length.

Blood from the heart reaches out to every cell in the body, except the cornea.

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The first successful heart surgery was performed in 1893 by Daniel Hale Williams.

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