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Sodium Facts

Sodium belongs to the alkali metal group and is the most abundant alkali metal.

Sodium is a soft metal. At room temperature, it can be cut with a butter knife.


Sodium is the sixth most abundant element on earth and makes up approximately 2.5 % of the earth’s crust.

The symbol for sodium, Na, comes from the Latin word 'Natrium,' which means salt.


Sodium element was discovered by Humphry Davy in 1808. He isolated sodium atoms from sodium hydroxide (NaOH) using electrolysis.

Sodium is a highly reactive metal. Because it spontaneously ignites in water, the pure element is kept in kerosene.

Sodium is a crucial element for the human body. It maintains the fluid balance in the cells and throughout the body.

Sodium is named after the English word ‘soda’ and the medieval Latin ‘sodanum’.

The symbol 'Na' was first used by Swedish scientist Berzelius in his early periodic table.

Sodium does not occur as a free element in nature but its compounds are abundant. Sodium chloride salt is the most common compound.

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