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Camel Facts

In Arabic, the root word for camel implies 'beauty.'


The camels' wide feet make it possible for them to walk on sand without sinking!

Camels have the ability to drink 30-40 gallons of water in 15 minutes. One gallon is 3.7 litres.

Camels can survive in hot, arid deserts for more than ten days without water.

Camels are able to shut their nostrils completely during sand storms. Their physique is well-suited to life in the desert.

To keep sand out of their eyes, camels have three layers of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes.

Camels have thick lips, allowing them to forage for thorny plants that other animals are unable to consume.


Camels are extremely strong. They can carry more than 400 kilograms of loads up to 25 miles daily.

Camels can sit comfortably in scorching hot sand thanks to thick pads of skin on their chest and knees.

Camels can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, which is comparable to that of a racehorse.

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