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Moon Facts

In 1968, Apollo 8 became the first successful manned mission to reach the moon.

The moon has been visited by 24 humans, 12 of whom have walked on its surface.

Moon's surface also has vibrations. Moonquakes are what they're called. In comparison to Earthquakes, Moonquakes are quite weak.

As observed from the moon, Earth also undergoes phases. New Earth to Full Earth and back to New Earth.


Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, craters can be as small as bacteria or as enormous as a city.

Neil Armstrong became the first person to step on the moon’s surface in 1969.


Eugene Merle Shoemaker – the only person whose ashes are buried on the moon.

Day temperature on the moon can reach 127 degrees Celsius and falls to -173 degrees Celsius at night.

Moon has no atmosphere of its own.

The largest crater on the moon is around 300 km in diameter.

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